Our Story

A brief overview

The Founder

Our story begins over a century ago in 1909. Levi Goguen, then 30 years old, started a new company called Goguen Monuments. Although it began in a humble chicken coop, with dedication Levi was later able to expand into a small workshop.

Like many people of the time, Levi battled all his life with illiteracy. There are even a few occasions were he engraved “PIR” instead of “RIP”.

He was a very hardworking man that believed in providing an essential need to his community. An empathetic service coupled with dignity and respect at an affordable cost, a vision that we maintain in the company to this day.

He lived a good and meaningful life, built a successful company that would ensure his legacy and often shared his wealth with his friends and family.

An Entrepreneur, father and philanthropist, Levi C. Goguen passed in 1964.
Sometime in 1937, Frank Goguen took on his father's business. Years Later, he brought in his son Henri, who like his father wanted to further his grandfather's vision of affordable monuments for his community.

Henri made several improvements to the operation. Replacing the old building with a new shop, modernizing the ageing equipment and expanding the shop's yard.

A New Era

In 2009, the company would see it's biggest change yet; Serge Arsenault and Marie-Christine Marquis purchased Goguen Monuments and made important organizational and logistical changes that made it into the success it is today.

Sales quickly increased under the new management; specialized equipment was purchased, and for the first time employees were hired. New design and production techniques were also developped, giving their monuments a unique edge and also putting the company in a position to be more competitive.